GreenLine Vessel Selection System (VSS)

The GreenLine Vessel Selection System (VSS) helps analysts and decision-makers identify targets of interest and make interdiction decisions. Complementing existing Command and Control Systems (C2) with operational analysis, VSS is a comprehensive decision- support platform that uses GreenLine’s proprietary risk methodology to provide a clearer understanding of the maritime domain’s actors, assets and actions.  Robust information sharing capabilities allow partner agencies and allies to share information selectively and securely.

VSS develops a holistic maritime picture by integrating data from multiple sources, such as terrestrial and satellite based ship position/AIS data, vessel and company characteristics data; entity or vessel watch lists; and agency databases containing details on vessels cargo and crew.  This data is analyzed and presented in a user-friendly interface which supports a collaborative work environment. maritime_example

GreenLine’s automated risk assessment framework is a customizable, rule-based scoring system.  VSS includes a default rule set enabling users to work with the risk analysis functionality immediately.  Each rule is associated with a risk score and that score is applied when a rule is activated against a vessel or entity.  The rules engine awards a cumulative score which represents the risk level for that vessel or entity.  The rules engine is highly customizable so an organization can modify and add rules and scores to address its specific areas of concern.

As end users conduct analyses or reach conclusions, they typically need to share information with colleagues both within their agency and with partnering organizations and nations.  VSS supports collaboration through tools that distribute reports and alerts.  The user configures high-risk indicators to generate alerts automatically, which are sent by email to identified individuals.   VSS also supports quick and easy generation of reports to be distributed to local, national, and international partners.

In support of VSS , GreenLine’s maritime subject matter experts bring years of hands-on experience and assist our customers in identifying additional data to add to the application and in organizing communities of stakeholders both within and across governments.    GreenLine’s staff includes Maritime Security, Maritime Safety, Intelligence, Naval, and Customs SMEs.  Our SMEs design our products, specifically in the area of risk assessment.  We are continuously refining the included default rule set in response to changing behaviors in the maritime world.