GreenLine Cargo Targeting System (CTS)

Modern customs administrations must effectively deal with disparate fiscal and non-fiscal risks while delivering both trade facilitation and social protection.  Increasingly, facilitation and protection mandates are shared with a number of government agencies, for example agriculture, immigration and police.   In response, modernizing governments are turning to “single window” solutions.

With our Single Window (SW) solution, all stakeholder agencies can simultaneously access and review data reported by carriers and importers. Take a look at how we organize information on our dashboard:


1. Conveyance arrivals (i.e. aircraft and vessels) can be monitored under “My Arrivals” where analysts from multiple agencies can quickly determine the number of shipments and containers arriving in port at any given moment.

2. Shipments and containers are grouped together by vessel and voyage number in this example and also expand to show the associated risk with each shipment. By clicking on any of the vessel folders, the data is presented into a summary grid format (3&4) for an initial review.

3. Cargo data reported by the ocean carrier is displayed in the top portion of the grid.

4. Importer declarations are displayed in the bottom portion of the grid.

5. Workflow and collaboration functions provide an analyst with the capability to flag shipments of interest, perform follow on work, or refer a shipment to another government department’s analyst. Decisions to inspect refer, or release can be done collaboratively. The system automatically updates to inform all users of shipment status.

In response to the volume of trade and today’s more complex border environment, many Customs administrations have adopted a layered risk management approach.  Using carrier and importer supplied data, they identify high-risk shipments for inspection and facilitate pre-approved and low risk trade.  This risk based approach promotes economic growth and prosperity through better cross border velocity, while focusing agency efforts on serious threats to health, safety and security.

GreenLine’s application align with many international standards and encompass principles underlying border risk management including: the Revised Kyoto Convention on the Simplification of Customs Procedures; the WCO SAFE Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade; the APEC Safe Framework; The European Union’s Risk Management Framework; the WCO Risk Management Guide; Canada’s National Security Policy; the Canada and United States Smart Border Framework; and the North American Security and Prosperity Plan among others.