CAMTES in the news!

KMI Media Group’s Scott Nance published a great article recently titled Port & Harbor Guardian that speaks to the use of GreenLine Systems’ products on the US CAMTES program.   Here is the mention:

The Coast Guard also employs complex data-analysis software called Computer-Assisted Maritime Threat Evaluation System (CAMTES), which analyzes a variety of information about ships at seas—such as where it has been, who owns it, who operates it, and what flag it sails under, among many other factors—and produces a risk level for the user, said Paul Kerstanski, vice president of defense and intelligence at Greenline Systems.

“We call it green, yellow or red: low risk, medium risk or high risk. Then the analysts are the ones who look at those ships and make the determination if there should be anything further done with them,” he said.

The software works by collecting data from a variety of sources, including automated identification system (AIS), a shipboard anti-collision system which has “also turned into a security tool that people can track ships via AIS,” Kerstanski said. “We bring all of that together. We also look at watchlists,” including those from the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, he said.

The software runs all of this data about ships through what Kerstanski calls a rules engine, which uses “subject-matter expertise and rule sets that help determine” the risk level assigned to any given vessel, he said.

What’s unique about CAMTES is that the software automates the analysis on a huge amount of information about a large number of ships, Kerstanski said.