The Cross-Border Research Association Interviews Chris Thibedeau on Risk Management Methodologies and IT Systems

Dr. Juha Hintsa from the Cross-Border Research Association in Lausanne in Switzerland, recently interviewed Chris Thibedeau, VP of Customs, Regulatory and Law Enforcement Solutions with GreenLine Systems.  Dr. Hintsa was conducting a study in Thailand on the implementation of international standards on supply chain security (see some presentation slides by Dr. Hintsa at:  ).  […]

A-T Solutions Acquires GreenLine Systems

WASHINGTON, Nov. 13, 2013 — A-T Solutions Inc., an internationally recognized leader in counterterrorism headquartered in Vienna, Va., announced today it has acquired Arlington, Va.-based GreenLine Systems, a technology company specializing in helping governments around the world manage risks associated with maritime and cross-border movement of vessels, goods and people. Through this acquisition, A-T Solutions […]

GAO: Opportunities Exist to Better Evaluate and Coordinate Border and Maritime Research and Development

In September the GAO put out a report titled – DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY: Opportunities Exist to Better Evaluate and Coordinate Border and Maritime Research and Development.  Download it here. This report addresses (1) the results of DHS border and maritime security R&D efforts and the extent to which DHS has obtained and evaluated feedback […]

CAMTES in the news!

KMI Media Group’s Scott Nance published a great article recently titled Port & Harbor Guardian that speaks to the use of GreenLine Systems’ products on the US CAMTES program.   Here is the mention: The Coast Guard also employs complex data-analysis software called Computer-Assisted Maritime Threat Evaluation System (CAMTES), which analyzes a variety of information about ships at seas—such as where […]

Lac Megantic Rail Disaster May Require Government to More Effectively Monitor Rail Shipments

In the Aftermath of the Lac Magantic rail disaster, questions emerge on how safe Canada’s rail system truly is.  With years of heavy lobbying by the rail industry to self-regulate in Canada, Transport Canada and the rail safety management system in Canada needs to undergo significant and extensive change to ensure another rail disaster of […]

A Systems Approach to Border Risk Management

Introduction Many customs administrations have a mandate to be recognized as a world-class border service respected for their professionalism, efficiency, fairness, and contribution towards sovereign economic and social development.  Across the world, international best practices for Customs have evolved from standards and agreements over the last several years such as the World Customs Organization (WCO) […]